More important and bigger foreign investments expected

– More important and bigger foreign investments, even up to one billion dollars, are expected in Serbia in the current of this year, declared Mr. Bozidar Djelic, Minister of Finance and Economy to the new year’s holiday issue of the Pirot weekly „Sloboda“.

Speaking of the reduction of taxes on corporate profit, and the taxes for entrepreneurs and craftsmen – we wanted to attract foreign capital, as well as to engage our own capital funds. The very announcement of these measures convinced a number of big companies to explore possibilities of investment in Serbia, explained Minister Djelic.

– Serbia has been given a new chance, because Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia are to become EU member countries in 2004. These are countries of Central and Eastern Europe that have attracted the greatest portions of foreign investment capital during the nineteen nineties. It is our challenge to create these stimulations in order to attract foreign investors, and in concurrence with Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Romania, to win the central place in South-Eastern Europe.

Looking back at the fact that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) granted a 24 million Euros loan for the road network reconstruction, Mr. Djelic emphasized that this year’s priority would comprise the reconstruction of the infrastructure in Serbia, and added that an agreement had been reached with the Bulgarian Government making a construction of a highway which is to connect the cities of Nis and Sofia a priority of both countries.