Model of municipality Indjija good example for all local self-government in Serbia

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic said today that the municipality of Indjija has attracted foreign investors and thus succeeded in increasing its revenues without anyone’s help. He pointed out that this model of motivating foreign investors would be the best one throughout Serbia.

During his visit to Indjija, Dinkic said that considering the great interest shown by foreign investors in that city in Vojvodina, the Serbian government will make efforts to reconstruct the regional road E 109 into a motorway and link it with the Pan-European Corridor 10.

He expressed satisfaction with the system of control of public companies and public services in Indjija called “system 48”, which means that citizens can obtain information throughout the week or solve problems in the functioning of communal and public services.

Dinkic said that his visit to Indjija has two purposes. One is to see how the Serbian government can help development in that municipality, and the other is to get acquainted with the work of this local self-government, so that positive experience gained in Indjija can be used in other municipalities of Serbia.

According to Dinkic, the functioning of the local administration in Indjija is ten years ahead of other municipalities in Serbia. The experience gained in Indjija should be made available throughout the Republic thus bringing Serbia closer to the European Union as fast as possible.

Dinkic held talks with President of the municipality of Indjija Goran Jesic and attended the presentation of a short film on the economic development of Indjija, together with presidents of 18 other municipalities of Serbia.

He also visited the private company “Plamen”, which deals in the production of cable appliances and equipment for overhead cable carriers.

According to official statistics of the local administration, 90% of Indjija’s finances come from its own sources, and 42% of the budgetary revenues of the municipality are realised from foreign investments.

In the past two years Indjija has attracted some €300 million in “Greenfield investment”, and in 2006 an added influx of €150 million is expected.