Minister Djelic submitted his personal property tax declaration

The Finance Minister of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Bozidar Djelic submitted yesterday to the Serbian Tax Administration his tax declaration on the total of his personal property – both in Serbia and abroad.

Following this personal example, Mr. Djelic wanted to express his full confidence in the new fiscal system, adding that he has done what all the citizens – meaning all the taxpayers having a total property in country and abroad exceeding the value 20 million dinars – should do by October 30th 2003.

The minister also declared that the registration of the property represents a healthy base for the relationship between the citizens, the Tax Administration and the State, emphasizing that this model was introduced into the fiscal system in order to reduce the chaos inherited from the nineties.

Mr. Djelic reminded that there will be no further extensions of the defined deadline for the declaration of property, adding that all those who fail in that legal obligation, might see their non-declared property treated as part of their 2003. revenue, and thus taxable at a 20% income tax rate.

The Minister repeated that the property declaration forms are to be submitted only to the Tax Administration HQ in Belgrade, by mail, personally or by an authorized person, adding that the Tax Administration as well as the Finance Ministry will provide full privacy and confidentiality on the citizens’ property.