Minister Djelic: „Electricity price rise reflects the reality“

Mr. Bozidar Djelic, Finance Minister of the Republic of Serbia announced a 25-30% electricity price rise. According to Minister Djelic’s, this should probably occur in the current of next April, and should be the last price rising this year.

According to Minister Djelic’s, this price rise reflects the reality, and appears as necessary for a „healthy“ economy as well as for the regular providing of electricity. The Minister also emphasized that the previous price rises already brought positive results in the manner of a reduction of public subventions, suspension of electric power restrictions, as well as a significant salaries reduction within the Serbian Electric Power Industry System – which are no longer drastically superior to the Serbian average. The Minister finally added that this is the year of major reforms for the Public Electric Power Supply system, and emphasized that it will be aimed to provide a cheaper electric power production in the future.