Meridian Bank joins state-subsidised housing programme

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic, Director of the National Corporation for Housing Loan Insurance Aleksandar Jovic and representatives of Meridian Bank signed a contract today on housing loans for married couples up to 45 years of age.

At a press conference following the signing of the contract, Dinkic said that Meridian Bank is the 16th bank in Serbia to sign the contract with the National Corporation.

According to Dinkic, the National Corporation for Housing Loan Insurance has provided loans totalling around €100, out of which approximately 3,600 loans were secured through the government programme. Of this number, 1,100 loans were granted to couples below 45 years of age.

Dinkic praised the Meridian Bank’s initiative announced by Chairman of the Bank’s Managing Board Bozidar Djelic that the Bank will in future pay special attention to subsidising construction companies that build flats.

According to the National Investment Plan, which should be adopted by end-July, around €150 million from privatisation revenues will in the course of the next year be invested in building flats for employees in the public sector, announced Dinkic.

He added that domestic banks will be asked to support this type of housing loans to make them as cheap as possible. These flats will be intended for people working in the police, army, education and culture sectors and other public services, concluded the Minister.