Meeting of Institutions Responsible for Implementation of Programmes under EU Pre-accession Assistance in the Republic of Serbia

First meeting in a series of regular coordination meetings between the National Authorising Officer, Programme Authorising Officer and persons responsible for the implementation of projects funded by EU pre-accession assistance in the public administration bodies which are assistance beneficiaries was held in the Ministry of Finance on 18 May 2016.

The meeting was opened by Mr Milovan Filimonovic, State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and National Authorising Officer. The State Secretary pointed out the significance and purpose of the meeting and introduced the newly appointed Acting Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Finance in charge of the Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programmes, Ms Jelena Stojovic. Ms Stojovic informed the participants on the progress in the implementation of national programmes for IPA 2013 and IPA 2014 and opened a discussion about the improvement of quality and efficiency of work in the contracting and contract implementation process, the efficiency of the internal control system and internal audit in the context of EU pre-accession assistance

An agreement was reached on further steps for the improvement of programme implementation process as well as the system of EU pre-accession assistance management. The next meeting is scheduled for 10 June 2016.