Job offer for ex Minister from Macedonia

Minister of Finance and Economy of the Republic of Serbia Mr Bozidar Djelic has offered to Mr Nikola Grueski, the position of Special Advisor within the Serbian Ministry of Finance, during reforms conduction.

Mr Nikola Grueski has been voted for the most popular man in Macedonia, twice, in 2000. and 2002. year. Consistently for his 4 years` work as the Minister and technocrat he was highly positioned in that country, Djelic stated and stressed the fact that denationalization of the private property and transformation of the payment services as the part of reform conduction in Serbia is about to begin, and those were the arias where Grueski was quite successful. I think wherever the talent is, if we can provide his taking part in Serbian reforms, we should take advantage of that. I hope he could accept our offer and join our team. Expenses for his engagement will be paid from donation’s fond, and not from the taxpayer’s money, Djelic explained.