Issuing and holding of cash bills is to be further controlled

According to the communiqué from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services, the Market inspectors – having controlled the cash bills issuing process within retail stores, pharmacies, gas stations and tobacco shops from January 13 to 17 – have determined that almost a quarter, i.e. 23%, of the observed salesmen fail to issue cash bills to their customers.

All inspectors were on field assignment, having carried out a total of 3791 controls – meaning 760 controls per day. One charge was brought for economic violation, 234 charges for infractions, 240 decisions were issued for the elimination of noticed irregularities, 86 stores were closed, and 1523 mandatory fines were collected – representing a total of 1,771,400.00 dinars.

During the control of the cash bills issuing process, in cases of perceived irregularities, the inspectors carried out a more thorough control, in accordance with their authority, and closed down 38 stores – fifteen in Sombor, six in Sabac, and four in Leskovac. The most of the mandatory fines (550) were collected in Belgrade – amounting to a total of 602.400 dinars.

The communiqué also mentioned that controlling the customers on holding a cash bill for purchased goods, all of the 800 controlled people were holding their bills, but some of them acted quite indecently – even addressing inspectors quite rudely, because they seem not to be fully accustomed to these new controls. In one of the Belgrade retail stores, a lady inspector was disabled in the exercise of her activity and was even forced out from the retail premises.

Tourist inspectors were in charge of controlling the cash bills issuing for catering services. From January 13 to 16, 820 places were controlled, and 262 mandatory fines collected – representing a total of 271,000 dinars.

Also, as quoted in the Ministry’s communiqué, the Ministry issued an order to all inspectors to continue the cash bills issuing and holding control on workdays, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays.