Informing the foreign partners on the market potentials of our country

The Finance Minister, Mr. Bozidar Djelic attained today in Brussels the Donators Conference for Serbia-Montenegro, as a member of the delegation representing Serbia-Montenegro. As it was already repeatedly mentioned, the reason of this visit is not the fundraising of financial help for our country. The delegation left for Brussels with the principal intention to gain additional political support for the continuation of the initiated reforms.

Both the Ministers – Djelic and Pitic, will continue their visit by going to Luxemburg, where they should meet with the European Investment Bank (EIB) representatives, to discuss the EIB 2004. Action plan for Serbia-Montenegro. On that occasion our Ministers shall present our experience in investments into the development of the transport and traffic infrastructure. The EIB Vice-President for the Western Balkan countries, Mr. Genuardi, shall also participate to the talks.

By the end of the week, the presentation of our achievements in the domain of transition economy shall continue in Paris, where a conference with the potential French exporters and investors interested in our country shall be held, in organization of the French Center for foreign trade.

This should represent the end of a several days lasting of the presentation of our reforms achievements and the potentials of Serbia-Montenegro, as well as the informing of the foreign partners with the economic and market potentials of our country.