Implementation of National Investment Plan begins in Nis

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic and Minister of Capital Investment Velimir Ilic laid today in Nis a cornerstone for 79 apartments for civil servants, which marks the beginning of the realisation of the National Investment Plan in the field of housing construction.

Dinkic said that this is the first construction site in Serbia where apartments will be built with the funds from the National Investment Plan, which envisages that €150 million be invested in that field by the end of the year.

The Minister specified that some €9.5 million will be invested in Nis by year-end and 400 apartments built. He announced the construction of another 133 apartments at the same location behind the technology faculties.

According to Dinkic, the construction of flats in this city is co-financed by the Ministry of Defence so the greatest part will belong to the Serbian Army, while the remaining flats are intended for employees in the public administration, judiciary and public services.

Ministers Dinkic and Ilic also visited Stara Planina mountain where they marked the beginning of construction of cableways. Dinkic recalled that the government funded the construction of a ski centre on Babin zub, the highest peak on Stara Planina, with €3 million and announced that the government will declare 50 hectares of land on Stara Planina to be for public use next week.