Government’s priority to create conditions for economic development and employment growth

Presenting the Serbian government’s programme for encouraging employment and reviving the economy in Kragujevac, Bor and Vranje, Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic said that representatives of local self-governments are committed to providing the free use of building land, infrastructure capacities and the quick issue of all necessary documentation for the investors.

The only condition is that a new production plant source 70 percent of its new employees from those unemployed registered at the employment services in Kragujevac, Bor and Vranje, Dinkic said. He added that preference in loan assignments will be given to those entrepreneurs who also invest part their own capital to realise these projects.

Dinkic said that the amount of loans to be approved will depend on the number of new jobs that will be opened. Thus, companies opening up to 24 new positions will receive loans of up to 15 million dinars, whereas there is no limit on the loans for companies opening more than 100 jobs.