Government to pass investment incentive measures

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic announced last night that the Serbian government will pass a number of measures with the aim of endorsing investors to invest in Serbia. Dinkic said that financial support will in future be provided for greenfield projects to small and medium-sized enterprises according to their number of employees, whereas large investors will receive support according to the amount of capital invested in Serbia.

The Minister visited Indjija to mark the conclusion of the first investment cycle in this municipality.

He pointed out that in the upcoming period, the government will also focus on public infrastructure investments, because it is necessary that Corridor 10 be finished as soon as possible.

Dinkic announced that at meetings with creditors, it will be asked that Serbia’s debt toward the Paris Club of creditors be written off in order to invest the money in the construction of motorways and other infrastructure facilities in the country.

According to Dinkic, Serbia has huge plans for the energy sector because it aims to increase production in the near future and become the biggest electricity exporter in the region.

Speaking of the successfully conducted investment programme in the municipality of Indjija, Dinkic stressed that each municipality in Serbia should follow Indjija’s steps. Indjija takes the first place by the number of investments per capita, Dinkic said.

The cocktail and the dinner for investors occasioned by successful completion of the first investment phase in Indjija, was organised by president of the Indjija municipality Goran Jesic. Apart from the Minister of Finance, the reception was also attended by Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Ivana Dulic-Markovic, Chairman of the Vojvodina Assembly Bojan Kostres, Slovenian Deputy Ambassador to Belgrade Jadranka Sturn-Kocjan as well as numerous local businessmen and representatives of foreign investors.