Government to help construct roads in Kragujevac

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic visited Kragujevac today and promised that the government will help build a section of the Kragujevac-Batocina road, as well as a local road network.

At a press conference following a meeting with members of the Kragujevac City Council, Dinkic specified that the government will provide half the funds for the roads and the local self-government the other half.

The second priority is the Kragujevac public utility company, which will get €3.5 million for construction, reconstruction and expansion of the water pipeline, as well as for the wastewater recycling system, he said.

Dinkic also asked the Council members to appoint a coordinator whose task will be to inform the government about priorities in the health, culture and sport sectors.

During his stay in Kragujevac, Dinkic gave a speech at a discussion themed „National Investment Plan – A Billion Euros for Serbia“.