Government awards winners at international competitions

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic and Minister of Education and Sport Slobodan Vuksanovic awarded today 33 pupils and students from Serbia for winning gold and silver medals at international competitions with 1 million dinars and 750,000 dinars respectively.

At the presentation of awards at the Serbian government building, Dinkic said that the funds for the awards have been set aside from the Fund for Young Talents, adding that the government made a conscious effort not to award ‘symbolic’ amounts, rather that the awards be significant.

He said that the award for the students who won gold medals at international competitions is €11,600, and for a silver medal €8,700.

„It is lucky that we have many students who won silver medals at international competitions and who will get 750,000 dinars, which will aid their parents to keep helping them to study hard,“ Dinkic said.

The minister recalled that since the beginning of its work in July this year, the Fund for Young Talents has so far donated €5 million, and for the next year, the state budget has set aside €10 million for this fund.

Dinkic said that this year scholarships were given to the best post-graduate students, worth €15,000 per student, to be used for advanced training abroad, and best final year graduate students were awarded stipends of 20,000 dinars per month.

He said that in the future, this fund will provide sums for awarding winners, as well as those in the second and the third place at domestic and regional competitions at all study levels.

Awards were received by 31 high school students, and two students of the Belgrade University, while most of the awards went to the best 10 competitors in the field of arts.

For medals won at international competitions in biology seven awards were given, as well as for best mathematicians, in science four awards were given and two each in physics and astronomy.