Forum in Prague

Organized by the OECD (Organization for the Economic Cooperation and Development) and the Government of the Czech Republic, the High Forum on the issue of the application of the policy of interest conflict prevention within the government and public sector, was held in Prague last 24th and 25th November.

One of the principal goals of the Forum was the insight in the progress realized by the countries participating to the development of the interest conflict prevention policy, as well as into the programs and strategies – including the concerning legal regulations and other similar measures.

Ms. Aleksandra Drecun, the Serbian representative in SPAI and GRECO, presented the Draft Law on the Conflict of interests, prepared by the Ministry of Finance and Economy for the last October parliamentary session. The Draft Law was commended and estimated as a legal project providing for the most qualitative and the most balanced approach to the prevention and resolving of the conflict of interests.

Next to that, came the invitation by the OECD and other participating countries for the transmission of our experiences in the domain of building legal measures regulating the fight against corruption, since the OECD and European Council legal experts highly commended our legal texts.

The Forum was attained by the representatives from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Moldova, Macedonia, Serbia-Montenegro, and a number of other European countries experts, acting under the protection of the OECD in order to provide help to the Central and South-Eastern European countries implement standards in this domain.

Considering the positive reactions expressed by the present experts, it’s quite a pity that the this proposal of law was not adopted on time.