Fiscal ID number

Starting from January 1st, 2003, when all financial transactions should be taken over by banks, legal persons or entrepreneurs not provided with the fiscal ID number won’t be able to open any bank account. Namely, as already announced by the Finance Minister, Mr. Bozidar Djelic, all companies and private entrepreneurs in Serbia will be provided with a by October 25th, 2002 – this action is aimed to prevent the creation of phantom firms escaping any control. Regarding the citizens, this procedure will be extended to the end of the coming year. Taxpayers should fill in a form (during the past few weeks, more than a million forms were distributed all over Serbia – for companies and private entrepreneurs, now available in ZOP offices), and then submit it in Republic Tax Administration offices, by September 30th, in order to get registered.

Minister Djelic also promoted the Center for important taxpayers (within the Tax Administration itself), aimed to establish, control and collect income for 322 big companies in Serbia. On the occasion of the Center presentation in the congress center ‘Sava’, Mr. Djelic declared that the procedure of tax declaration and payment will be much simplified and organized in one single spot -the former Slavija Banka building, in Belgrade.

– The introduction of the Fiscal ID number for citizens and entrepreneurs will enable the Tax Administration to have all information concerning a given taxpayer unified in one place, preventing the ‘wandering’ from one administration window to another. Besides the control function, the FID will bring additional security to all legal persons doing business by law, and enable them a better treatment to those wishing to evade tax duties. The FID does not represent a method of spying on the companies, but a very powerful tool for the gray economy wiping out, concluded Mr. Djelic.