Fiscal Administration decision on the funds reimbursement to MOBTEL

On the occasion of the press conference, Ms. Marija Drca-Ugren, Director of the Fiscal Administration, declared that the Fiscal Administration Decision on reimbursing the funds collected through the forced extra-profit tax collection procedure from MOBTEL, represents the legal consequence of the law enforcement and the respect of the Serbian Supreme Court ruling. According to Ms. Drca-Ugren, Last October 9th 2003, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Serbia pronounced a verdict on revoking the Decision of the Republic Tax Administration on forced tax collection, the ruling that the Tax Administration received on December 1st 2003, together with the funds reimbursement claim by the MOBTEL Group.

Proceeding in accordance to the Supreme Court ruling, the Tax Administration revoked the Decision on forced tax collection of the one-off extra-profit tax from MOBTEL. Responding to the MOBTEL claim and respecting the legal 15-days tax reimbursement dead line, on December 12th 2003, the Tax Administration issued the decision on reimbursing the funds collected from MOBTEL, said Ms. Drca-Ugren. This Decision has been transmitted to the Public payments Administration, which executed it last December 16th, 2003.

The reimbursement of the funds to MOBTEL does not mean that the procedure of one-off tax apportionment from ASTRA Bank – meaning it’s founders as it’s legal guarantors for the one-off tax obligations – has been canceled. The tax Administration has prepared a suggestion for the Republic Public Prosecution to state against the December 9th verdict in order to protect the proceeding legitimacy, emphasized the Tax Administration Director, Ms. Drca-Ugren.