First accountants training session held yesterday

With the support from the OSCE, the Ministry of finance and economy organized yesterday the first of a series of training sessions within the framework of the accountants training in the process of political parties property record keeping.

According to the provisions of the new Law on political parties financing, all political parties must submit the first property report not later than January 26th 2004.

Sooner this month, on the occasion of a conference on the application of the Law on political parties financing, for the first time the political parties representatives were presented the Regulations on the political parties donations and property record keeping and reporting.

Today’s session offered some additional answers to some questions, unavoidable in the beginning of any of the proposed legal regulations application.

Namely, for example, the new law forbids any financing through anonymous donations, so that any of these funds should be included into the budget of the Republic of Serbia, instead of being allocated on the concerned political party account.

In our recent experience, local self-government authorities often allowed a free of charge use of public premises to political parties for their activities. The new law forbids any kind of financing by public institutions and public companies, so that the parties shall from now on pay the rental of their premises. However, according to the provisions of the new Law, the parties shall be given funds from local authorities budgetary sources, which can be used in order to resolve the premises rent payment issues.

On the other hand, the harmonization of the political parties statutes is of essential importance, because, in the opposite, they wont be able to beneficiate the legal right to the financing from the budget of the Republic of Serbia.

In order to assure ad hoc resolution of technical problems of the record keeping process, the Ministry of finance and economy encouraged those present to address all their questions to the Ministry via e-mail, and committed itself to assure, as soon as possible, the proper administrative forms download from it’s official Internet site.