Financing of the Customs Administration Regulated by a Decree

On the matter of the „strengthened control“ (zeal strike) of the Customs Administration personnel, the Ministry of Finance and Economy issued a communique on the financing of the Customs Administration through a Decree on temporary financing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia for the period January-March 2003. According to the dispositions of the said decree, the Customs Administration personnel salaries will be paid from the temporary budget of the State Community.

The Customs Administration will become part of the Republic administrative bodies, namely the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Republic of Serbia, after the modifications to the Republic Law on Ministries. After the adoption of the Serbian Budget rebalancing, which is expected in the current of April 2003, salaries for the Customs Administration employees will be paid from the budget of the Republic.

Therefore, the Ministry of Finance and Economy does not yet have any authority and competence over the regulation of salary payment for the Customs Administration personnel, so no arrangements can be made on the subject. During the following week, the representatives of the Ministry will examine the Customs Administration organizational structure and the personnel salaries, so as to prepare for commencement of financing of this institution through the Budget of the Republic.