Expiration of the deadline for the declaration of the property exceeding the value of 20 million dinars

The Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia appealed on the Serbian citizens to declare, at last by October 31st, all their property – both in Serbia and abroad –exceeding the total market value of 20 million dinars.

This will be the manner of registering the property acquired by January 1st 2003, with no investigation on it’s origin. The declaration form is available in each Tax Administration branch office, or can be ordered by mail or available on our Internet site. (see the declaration form)

The filled-out declaration forms should be submitted exclusively to the Tax Administration Head Office – in person or by recommended mail, to the following address: Poreska uprava, Save Maskovica 3-5, Beograd, and all additional information is available on the following phone number: 011/3950-657.