Excise products stocks inventory obligation

Within the framework of the package of fiscal laws adopted on today’s session of the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, the Law on amendments of the Law on excise taxes, and the Law on amendments of the Law on sales taxes were adopted among others. These Laws were published in the „Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia“ No.80/2002, and are taking effect as of November 27, 2002.

Should we remind that, according to the dispositions of the Article 33 of the Law on Excise Taxes, on the occasion of excise taxes modifications (tax raise, reduction or suspension), the excise taxpayer – manufacturer, on the day of the excise tax modification entry in effect, is obliged to make an inventory of all the excise products on stock, either in warehouse, depot, the retail store or elsewhere – outside the factory premises, except those in the excise products storage, and to fix new sales prices, in accordance with the modified – raised, reduced, or suspended – excise tax rate.

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