EU to send documentation on exports of imported sugar

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic has said that the European Union will hand over documentation that will help establish which Serbian firms will have to pay for the damage caused by exports of imported sugar.

We have asked the EU to send us certificates on the origin of sugar from their firms that have bought goods from Serbia, which will help us establish who has to pay for the damage,” Dinkic told reporters following a meeting of the Serbian Banks’ Association.

Asked why the EU has not send the documentation earlier, Dinkic said that nobody has asked them to do so. He stressed that the damage will not be repaid to the EU by the state, but rather the firms involved in the export of imported sugar, as was the case in Croatia.

Dinkic added that he expects the preferential status for Serbian sugar to be restored this summer.

Dinkic said that some 95,000 tons of sugar are stored in Serbian warehouses, waiting to be shipped abroad, and he announced that a fresh campaign of sugar beet processing will be launched in autumn.