Employees in culture sector to get 9.24% salary increase in November

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic announced today a salary increase for employees in culture sectors in 2006 and 2007 and the introduction of national pensions for the most deserving artists in Serbia which should equal five average salaries in the country.

Following a meeting with representatives of culture unions, Dinkic specified that the government proposed a 9.24% increase for culture sector employees in November, whereas in 2007 there should be an increase of between 7.5% and 24.6%, depending on the education level. He explained that with the November increase, salaries in this sector would rise by 21% for employees with the lowest level of education and by 38% for those with higher education.

According to Dinkic, the increase should be paid out in April, June and September 2007, whereas in mid-January employees in the culture sector should receive a Christmas bonus of 4,000 dinars each. This is our way of improving the position of employees in cultural institutions since the quality of the entire society depends on cultural development, said Dinkic.

He also announced that a list of the most deserving Serbian artists will be composed by mid-November adding that they will start receiving national pension of 110,000 dinars on average, which is five times the value of an average salary in Serbia.