Electricity price will not go up on April 1

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic said today that the ministry will not allow a price increase of electricity on April 1 of 14 percent, adding that it probably will go up on July 1.

Dinkic told the Beta news agency that he expects the government will turn down yesterday’s decision by EPS’ managing board to increase electricity prices in April.

He added that the government will help EPS function normally and carry out all necessary overhauls so as to ready the company for the next winter season.

According to him, it was already agreed with Minister of Economy Predrag Bubalo to direct part of the subsidies for socially owned companies towards the payment of their electricity debts.

The Ministry of Finance will accept EPS business plan for 2005, as it has been harmonised with all comments sent by the ministry, Dinkic said.