Election of the new members of the Council for the fight against corruption

On the occasion of the session held in Belgrade on May 22nd 2003, the Council for the fight against corruption elected new members to the Council: Mr. Stjepan Gredelj – scientific adviser in the Institute for Philosophy and Social science, Ms. Radmila Vasic – professor at Belgrade’s Faculty of Law, Ms. Verica Barac – lawyer, appointed to the position of the new Director, and Mr. Dusan Slijepcevic – lawyer. The Vice-President of the Council is Mr. Ivan M. Lalic.

On the same session, the Council also analyzed the present social situation, and determined positions and issues to be discussed with the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The Council Vice-President, Mr. Ivan M. Lalic. Announced a joint session with the Government for the May 29th 2003. The main issue to be debated should be the acceleration of the submission process of the Law on Political Parties Financing, the Law on prevention of interest conflicts and the Law on information accessibility.