€12m from National Investment Plan goes for projects in Knjazevac

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic and Minister of Health Tomica Milosavljevic opened today in Knjazevac the reconstructed emergency unit at the local health centre and announced sizeable investments in Southeast Serbia.

Dinkic addressed health workers and Knjazevac residents and said that the government wishes to make Southern Serbia proud again, which is why it decided to set aside €256 per resident from the National Investment Plan, whereas for Belgrade and Vojvodina residents the figure is €130 per resident. He stressed that 50 million dinars from the budget was spent on the reconstruction of the emergency unit. Both Dinkic and Milosavljevic added that health workers could count on a 20% salary increase in November.

Together with representatives of the Doppler Mayer as a donator, Dinkic presented the Knjazevac Grammar School with three computers. He also laid the corner stone for the construction of a new green market, in which the finance ministry will invest five million dinars and international organisation CHF 2.8 million dinars, whereas the remaining portion of the funds will be provided by Knjazevac-based public utility company Standard.

Together with Minister of capital Investment Velimir Ilic, Dinkic was also present when paving of a street in Knjazevac began, in which the government invested 2.7 million dinars.

Serbian Minister of Interior Dragan Jocic delivered keys to 16 new flats to members of the interior Affairs Department in Knjazevac, built by the Serbian Construction Directorate.