DM103.8 million in extra-profit tax paid so far

The latest results in the work of the Commission for Investigation of Economic and Financial Abuse were reported today in a news conference held at the government of the Republic of Serbia by Minister of Finance and Economy Bozidar Djelic, Minister of Urbanism and Construction Dragoslav Sumarac, and Tax System Division head Dejan Stojanovic

As of today some 476 debtors have paid DM103.8 million of a total DM632 million due. The Commission handed over 705 orders for payment, of which 177 were dropped due to lack of documentation on extra-profit income (article 13 of the Law on Extra-profit).

The established sum based on allocation of apartments (article 3, par. 1) amounts to DM3.2 million of which DM2.3 million has been paid so far.
For the first time ever, data on tax liabilities for use of privileges in obtaining foreign trade permit (article 3, par. 5) was presented to the public, for which a total tax base of DM117 million has been established. The first 15 companies for which tax liability on this basis has been established, including Progres, Dibek and Beopetrol, were handed orders to pay a total of DM68.1 million.

Commenting on public debate surrounding the law, Minister Djelic said that the Law on Extra-profit does not imply exoneration from criminal liability, and that it falls within the responsibility of other organs of the Republic to advance criminal charges if any basis for them exists.