Djelic:“Economic stability of the country is not endangered“

The stability of the state, in economic sense, is not endangered – Minister of Finance and Economy Bozidar Djelic declared on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, at the press conference in the presence of the Ministers of the economic domain.

Banks function normally, we have enviable foreign exchange reserves, basic products supply is stable – stated

Minister emphasized the decisiveness of the Government to continue economic reforms in the same rhythm and with the same vision. Privatization continues. Started Monday, auctions of the companies, previously scheduled, will continue.

It is specially stressed
that the Government has the confirmation of the international financial institutions that financial support will continue. Moreover, it will increase.

Minister also emphasized that the legislative activity of the Parliament continues and a number of the reform laws will soon be adopted.

The team is staying together. We are resolute to finish what we have started. We have the ideal of
Serbia, shared with Zoran Djindjic. Today, we have one motive more and one moral obligation to persist – Minister Djelic stressed.