Djelic in visit to France

France should increase this year’s billateral hepl to Serbia, from 3.6 to 10 Million Euros, confirmed the Finance Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Bozidar Djelic.

– The French support to our country’s reforms process consists in the participation of France to the following Donators Conference, begining november, said Mr. Bozidar Djelic, adding:
– We asked them for a year 2003. participation at least on the same level as the precedent year, which is some 15 to 20 Million Euros. We can see another desastrous fact – this year’s, 2002, french help is on an uneviable level of only 3.6 Million Euros, comapred to the German assistance of 67.1 Million Euros or the Italian of 33 Million Euros. We mutually ageed on the fact that it was a level unsuficient for the capacities of a country such as France, beacause I can aready see their interests in our country and the region. I suggested to resolve this problem by some extraordinary measures, aiming to increase this help to 10 Million Euros by the end of the year.

Mr. Bozidar Djelic informed his French hosts and collegues with the present economic situation in Serbia and Montenegro, aiming to increase to the highest possible degree, the level of the commercial exchang, and the cooperation between french and serbian companies. During the Paris discussions, according to Mr. Bozidar Djelic’s terms, the further cooperation between french and serbian administration was also one of the subjects.