Dinkic participates in regional financial conference in Cavtat

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic is participating in the fifth regional finance and investment conference for South Eastern Europe being held in Cavtat, Croatia, which was organised by one of Europe’s most prestigious business and finance magazines, “Euromoney”.

Dinkic took part in the public discussion themed, “South Eastern Europe the centre of attention”, at which the topics were development of economy, foreign investment and reduction of unemployment in the region. At the round table talks assigned to Serbia, Dinkic and National Bank of Serbia Governor Radovan Jelasic

will present to foreign investors the success achieved so far in the implementation of economic and structural reforms in Serbia.

The “Euromoney” magazine presented its updated list ranking countries according to investment risks, where the most progress has been made by Serbia, which vaulted 62 places on the list. According to the previous ranking from March, Serbia was 158th among 185 countries, while after the September ranking it climbed to 96. The criteria for ranking are political risk, economic performance, public debt, credit rating, banking system and market capital. Such positive movement, along with the recent World Bank report where Serbia ranked first concerning implemented reforms, clearly shows that the investment risk in Serbia today is far less than it was just a few months ago.

The conference was inaugurated by Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader and participants include heads of states, governments, finance ministries or central banks of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Croatia as well as leading bankers and businessmen of the region.