Dinkic announces programme of crediting small enterprises

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic announced today that the government will prepare a programme of crediting small enterprises and craft shops to increase employment rate in Serbia.

Opening specialised autumn fairs at the Novi Sad Fair, Dinkic said that Serbia lacks micro-loans in the current system of financing. He noted that in order to increase employment in Serbia it is necessary to find ways to credit smallest, small and medium-sized companies as it was the main generator for increasing employment rates in transition countries.

Dinkic also said that the experiences so far showed that large investments and investments of multinational companies result in growth of GDP and other economic parametres, but however do not boost employment. The Minister recalled that around €4 million was invested in Serbia this year and noted that this trend should continue in 2007 and also stimulate private companies to invest.

He also announced reduction of income taxes and further support to Greenfield investments that the government plans to subsidise with between €2,000 and €10,000 for each new open job.

Specialised autumn fairs in Novi Sad, including fairs of finance, investment, information technology, electronics, telecommunications and power supply, logistics and entrepreneurship, gathered 160 local and foreign exhibitors. The event closes on November 10.