Delegation from Serbia and Montenegro visiting Moscow

The official delegation from Serbia and Montenegro has gone for a two-days visit to Moscow to conduct negations on the Russian clearing debt payment, as well as on our country’s debt towards the Russian Federation.

Minister Djelic with the other members of the delegation should meet today with the Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Delegation, Mr. Kolokhoutine.

Along with Minister Djelic, other members of the Serbian Government departed for the negotiations – Mr. Slobodan Ruzic, Deputy Energy and Mining Minister, Mr. Madzid Dusan Pajic, assistant to the Minister of finance and economy, and Mr. Slobodan Petrovic, assistant to the Minister of economy and privatization.

Since the major part of the delegation should be back in the country today, the representatives of NIS and the Serbian Government representatives, will end their visit tomorrow, after having met with investors interested in investing funds in Serbia and Montenegro.