Deadline for introduction of fiscal cash registers prolonged

Finance Minister Mr. Mladjan Dinkic said today that, next week, the government would push back deadline for fiscal registers introduction. He told at a press conference that he would propose an amendment to the Decree, which will set new deadline. This deadline will not be short, but it will have to be met. Dinkic assessed fiscal cash registers introduction, up to date, as a failure, since only 1,600 cash registers, of planned 150,000 in the first group, were replaced with fiscal ones by the end of February.

Minister Dinkic also announced that the state will increase its share in the National Savings Bank, saying that he assumes this will be done on the basis of property of ex ZOP (Accountancy and Payment Bureau) used by that Bank. This will also be proposed to other banks, which were allowed to use that property – he stated, and mentioned that after dissolving of ZOP 13 banks got to use its property. Commercial banks got only 15% of ZOP property, said Finance Minister Mladjan Dinkic.