Deadline for introduction of fiscal cash registers about to expire

Pursuant to amendments to the Decree on manner of recording turnover through cash registers with a fiscal memory, the ultimate deadline for introduction of fiscal cash registers is due to expire on April 15. Therefore, the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services and Tax Administration recalled, once again, the stipulations of this Decree and presented the plan of cash register “fiscalisation”.

Deputy Minister of Finance Ms. Vesna Arsic stressed that the basic goal of fiscal cash registers introduction is to create equal conditions in the market, reduce the level of gray economy, and increase budgetary revenues, and, also, reiterated that the ultimate deadline for fiscal cash registers introduction for the first group of tax payers is April 15.

The representatives of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services of Serbia and Tax Administration reminded, at today presentation of cash registers “fiscalisation”, that pursuant to amendments to the Decree on the manner of recording turnover through cash registers with a fiscal memory – April 15, is the deadline for the first group of tax payers to introduce cash registers. Up to this date, they are obliged to, lest they already have a fiscal cash register, to conclude contracts with the manufacturers and pay in advance.

Ms. Arsic announced that in the days to come, the Tax Administration will initiate distribution of 180,000 leaflets, within the framework of permanent marketing campaign. The leaflets will, also, be available at the Tax Administration’s, banks’ and post offices’ windows.

According to her, the objective of the competent Ministries is not to penalize, but to enable citizens to exercise many other rights, by with creating equal market conditions, adjusting goods and services turnover to the European standards, and directing the inflow of revenues coming from “fiscalisation” into the budget instead of to the area of gray economy.

“The ultimate deadline for the first group of legal entities and entrepreneurs to introduce fiscal cash registers is April 15, until when they are obliged to conclude a contract with a manufacturer and pay, at least, 10% advance, whereas the ultimate deadline to start recording sales is June 15”, she repeated and added that the second group of tax payers must introduce fiscal cash registers before May 31, and start entering transactions by September 30.

On this occasion, Ms. Arsic emphasized that the entities which already own cash registers are not obliged to buy new ones, provided they fulfill certain technical and other conditions prescribed by the Decree, and that there will be a check of all cash registers, so as to make them fit into the whole “fiscalised” system.

Head of the Tax Administration Mr. Vladimir Ilic said that 5, 929 cash registers have been fiscalised by April, i.e. 4% of the established number of fiscal payers, and went on to say that the number of contracts concluded between entrepreneurs and cash registers manufacturers is significantly larger.
In line with the penalizing stipulations of the Decree, at first fines will be pronounced in the range from 2 to 200 thousands dinars, whereas the most rigorous sanction is temporary suspension of operating licence for up to 30 days.

Ms. Arsic also said that the budget for this year envisages earmarking funds for subsidizing procurement of fiscal cash registers totaling 700 million dinars, adding that a new decree defining the amount of subsidy as well as the conditions and manner to obtain it, is underway.