Criminal charges filed for abuse of official authority

The Serbian Ministry of Finance and Economy, on the basis of findings by the financial control division, has filed criminal charges of abuse of official authority and misuse of funds from the budget of the year 1999, on the part of the Republic Directorate for Housing of the Republic of
Serbia, in an amount of over 17 million dinars.

This sum was spent on the renovation of the residential villa owned by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at 4 Tolstojeva Street in Belgrade,
which covers 435 square metres and 33 are (100 sq. metres) of land with 3 terraces of 125 sq. metres, which was granted to the use of Yugoslav
Army General Svetozar Marjanovic.

The financial control division has determined that the Commission for Housing of the Republic of Serbia, under the authority of Branislav Ivkovic, granted the villa owned by the FRY to General Marjanovic on July 20, 1999, although he was not entitled to it under Republic law. With the approval of then Deputy Minister of Finance Stojan Golic, the
Koling company, one of whose managers was then Minister of Finance Borislav Milacic, then undertook renovation of the villa without a tender, including landscaping, construction and installation of equipment, gates and fences. All work was paid from the budget in a total amount of 17 million dinars, which had been allocated for financing local self-government.

General Marjanovic purchased the villa on December 7, 1999 for 291,000 dinars.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy has filed criminal charges against the individuals responsible in the Ministry, the Republic Directorate for Housing, and General Marjanovic.