Construction of new four-seat ski lifts on Mount Kopaonik begins

Serbian ministers of finance, capital investment, and trade, tourism and services, Mladjan Dinkic, Velimir Ilic and Bojan Dimitrijevic respectively, marked today on Mount Kopaonik the beginning of construction of new four-seat ski lifts „Duboka 1“ and „Duboka 2“, worth €4 million. The funds have been set aside through the National Investment Plan.

The new ski lifts, whose total value is €7.8 million, will be completed and put into operation in late December this year. The capacity of both ski lifts at the end of the first phase of construction will be 1800 skiers per hour, and at the end of the second phase 2400 skiers per hour, while their speed will be five metres per second. The manufacturer of the equipment is Austrian company Doppelmayr, which has given a five-year loan for the purchase of the equipment.

Dinkic said that soon an international tender will be announced for building a new wellness hotel in place of the old Hotel Baciste at Mt. Kopaonik, and that damage resulting from the NATO bombing will be cleared at the ski centre “Krcmar” before winter, leading to an increase in the number of tourists visiting Kopaonik.

He explained that the newly formed company in charge of ski centres “Skijalista Srbije” has taken over all ski centres in the country, and proceeds from these centres will go to the budget to be reinvested in new ski centres.

According to Dinkic, all Geneks hotels on Kopaonik will be privatised, and a master plan will be made for developing Mt. Stara Planina.