Confirmation of the Russian-Serbian Agreement

The Ministry of Finance and Economy, categorically refutes the articles published by the «Nacional» daily, according to which there was no agreement reached on the debt settlement process between the Serbian delegation and the Russian party.

We do emphasize the fact that the Finance Minister, Mr. Bozidar Djelic and the Deputy Finance minister of the Russian Federation – Mr. Valdimir Kholokhoutine expressed the same statement – meaning that a framework agreement has been reached on the issue of the debt settlement, which now needs the approval of the Russian Government, and also the approval by the Ministry Council of Serbia-Montenegro, the Government of Serbia, the Government of Montenegro, as well the process of ratification by both the National Parliaments.

We also do emphasize the fact that the Serbian and Russian Prime Ministers – Mr. Michail Kassianov and Mr. Zoran Zivkovic, gave their verbal acknowledgment to this agreement.

The agreement between the Serbian and the Russian parties concerns the direct negotiations, with no mediation. All those who had given irresponsible and statements with no foundation are the same ones who offered their mediating services to this process, so it is more than obvious that their malicious declarations are motivated exclusively by some potential financial interest.