Commercial relationship normalization

Yugoslav Foreign Minister, Mr. Goran Svilanovic, arrived from New York to Washington. Mr. Goran Svilanovic will meet the representatives from the State Department, the National Security Council and the Congress, in order to discuss on commercial relationship normalization and the „unfreezing“ of Yugoslav funds in American banks. The Finance Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Bozidar Djelic expects a part of these funds to be available by 20.09. while the other part will remain still „frozen“, because of the still current State Succession proceedings.

– It is easy to freeze the funds, but it is difficult to unfreeze them ? but, we continue with our action to approach this problem. There are a few tens of millions dollars, that could be „unfrezzed“ much sooner. Our ambition is that a part of these funds can be „unfreezed“ by September 20th. Mr. Goran Svilanovic is in Washington to confirm that ambition, and our intensive contacts are all aimed to realize it. This would be a vonderful news for some of our big companies whose funds were kept captive on our banks accounts, but also for some of the funds from the National Bank of Yugoslavia. Therefore, I expect more by the end of this week, concluded Mr. Djelic.