Budget funds for pensions, premiums, and allowances provided

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic announced today that the July pensions, due to be paid on September 25, will be higher by 5.13 percent on the average.

“The increase is the result of regular quarter-by-quarter adjustment of pensions with wages and prices”, Dinkic explained a press conference. The average pension check will be 9,578 dinars.

He said the government plans to repay all pensions in arrears within three years’ time.

“This means that as of January o1, 2005, the payments of pensions will be intensified, in order to completely close the gap on arrears originating in the 90s”, said Minister Dinkic.

Dinkic added that additional outlays of 720 million dollars a month, needed for pensions as of September 25, have been provided in this year budget.

Minister Dinkic also added that as of this month, the exact dates for certain expenditures in the budget are established.

“So, as soon as tomorrow, September 16, payment of allowances for the unemployed in all towns in Serbia will begin.”

Speaking about this year wheat premiums, Minister Dinkic said that 900 million dinars have been paid so far to the farmers, and that the remaining 200 million dinars will be paid to the mills by the end of next week.

Minister Dinkic stressed that the first installment of allowances for electoral committees, of 50 million dinars, has been paid, while the rest will be paid by the end of the year.