Belgrade – host to the 2005. Annual EBRD Assembly

On the occasion of the today’s press-conference, the Minister of finance and economy, Mr. Bozidar Djelic declared that Belgrade will be hosting the Annual Assembly of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), in may 2005. Mr. Djelic also added that the assignment of this important event organization, represents the signal of confidence in the further reforms process in Serbia-Montenegro.

Minister Djelic also said that after more than two decades, Belgrade will have the opportunity to become the world’s financial center – by hosting the global financial and business elite. According to the minister’s terms, during the event, some 10 thousand visitors are expected to come to Belgrade, which represents the opportunity to renovate the infrastructure, the “Sava” Congress Center and a number of hotels, as well as to open and present the wide-range tourist offer.

The Minister emphasized the fact that this manifestation organization offers the opportunity, not only for the entire country but also for the region, to establish contacts with the international financial, banking and investment circles aimed to attract foreign capital.

The Minister of Finance said that on the occasion of his recent meeting with the EBRD President – Mr. Jean Lemiere, a number of issues were determined to be debated and considered in more details on the approaching Belgrade conference. He also declared, more precisely, that these issues will be concerning the infrastructure, and the economic environment of Serbia, the State Community of Serbia-Montenegro and the Southeastern Europe, in the perspective of the business operations improvement, as well as the prevention of corruption as an integrative part of the whole economic climate improvement.