Awards of the Fund for Young Talents presented

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic presented today 231 awards from the Serbian Fund for Young Talents to students who won prizes at international and local competitions last year. At a ceremony held at the main parliament building, Dinkic said that 22 of these students won the highest awards at world and European competitions in various fields, but the greatest number of awards was from the field of natural sciences.

Dinkic said that during the 1990s, young educated people left Serbia in huge numbers because they had lost confidence in their own country. That is why the task of the new young generation is to regain and boost the respect and trust of the entire world in Serbia.

The Minister recalled that the Serbian government established the Fund for Young Talents in 2005 with €10 million and announced that in 2007 €14 million will be set aside for that fund.

Serbian Minister of Education and Sport Slobodan Vuksanovic said that pecuniary awards given to young talents should be a means, and not the goal, for achieving progress in their career and welfare of the Serbian society.

Serbian parliament Speaker Predrag Markovic said that young talents are the first guests of the main parliament building, which is a proof of trust in Serbia’s youth which should enable Serbia’s prosperity in Europe with their knowledge and effort.