Announced modifications of the Law on Tobacco

The Director of the Tobacco Agency, Mr. Vladan Begovic, announced the initiating of the activities aimed to bring modifications to the Law on Tobacco, and added that the National Parliament representatives shall urgently take these suggestions into consideration on the occasion of the first regular parliamentary session.

Mr. Begovic also declared to the “Economic Review” magazine that the said modifications will be related to the regulations in the matters of tobacco importers duties, that were not previously clearly defined within the framework of the provisions of the Law on Foreign trade operations.

According to his terms, the Tobacco Agency suggested the Finance Ministry to grant a delay in the process of submitting requests for the issuing of permits for tobacco wholesale and retail operations. He emphasized that this deadline expires on September 7th, and added that only four requests for the issuing of permits for tobacco wholesale, and three requests for retail sales, were received by today.

According to the Beta News Agency, Mr. Begovic said that only domestic companies shall be granted the right to the wholesale operations, while the importation shall be accessible to foreign legal persons as well.