All debts on privatisation revenue repaid to Vojvodina

The Serbian Ministry of Finance paid 340 million dinars from the budget into the account of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, thus repaying debts accrued in the previous period on Vojvodina’s territory, on the basis of privatisation revenue. Thus, all liabilities from 2003, inherited from the previous government, as well as debts made in 2004, have been settled.

The Ministry of Finance regrets not having been able to settle the debts earlier, but now with a budget surplus and budgetary rebalance, it has become possible.

The Serbian government continues the policy of repaying debts inherited from previous periods, and once more it proves by its actions that it is equally concerned with the interests of the province as well as with those of Serbia as a whole and its citizens.

Furthermore, this year’s liabilities to the province, on the basis of privatisation revenue realised on Vojvodina’s territory in 2005, have been regularly settled from the budget by the Finance Ministry, the ministry’s statement concludes.