Adoption of the Action Plan

On the occasion of the yesterday’s session, the members of the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Action Plan on the harmonization of the economic relations between Serbia and Montenegro – according to the press conference communiqué. The Finance Minister, Mr. Djelic, who attained the press conference, said that the reduction of the customs duties will result in a reduction of public revenues in the amount of approximately 70 million Euros – already taken into consideration within the framework of the budgetary rebalance preparation. Mr. Djelic also added that signals came from the EU, that the already approved 130 million Euros, Serbia and Montenegro will receive additional 70 million Euros of macro-financial support, thanks to the adoption of the Action Plan.

He also added that a draft Law on Customs has been adopted on the Government’s session, providing for all the authority necessary for the customs services in order to have full authority over the whole Serbian territory, as well as to enable the Serbian customs to cooperate with Montenegro Customs authorities in order to assure the full guarantee on the origin of goods and products on the territory of the State Community.

The Members of the Government expect that upon this Action Plan adoption, on the occasion of the up-coming EU Summit in Thessalonica, the EU policy toward the Serbia and Montenegro State Community will be much more precisely concretized. This means the start of the Feasibility Study and the initiation of the stabilization and rapprochement process, in other terms, the definition of dead-lines for the conditions Serbia and Montenegro will have to comply with, in order to obtain the Schengen Status.