A lesser administration for the common country

On the occasion of the yesterday’s press conference, organized upon the meeting between the representatives of the two Republics, the Finance Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Bozidar Djelic, declared that the annual expenditures of the future common Serbian and Montenegrin country would not exceed 850 million Euros, and that the future state community would inherit a much lesser administration from the actual federal state.

– According to our evaluations, I think that it will be possible to reduce the actual 10,400 employees volume of the Federal administration by some two or two thousand five hundred employees. This does not mean that 7,500 people will remain in the common administrative bodies, because a part of them will be reintegrated into the Republic administration, said Mr. Djelic.

According to the Minister’s terms, the administration of the Serbia and Montenegro State Community will count approximately 3,000 employees. “We are a very poor country, and in the name of both our citizens and our economy, we cannot tolerate functions overlapping, not a single dinar spent without being fully justified”, explained Minister Djelic.