50 million Dinars for the renewal of the Beli Dvor court complex

Finance Minister Mladjan Dinkic informed the public today about the decision of the Serbian Government, to allocate 50 million Dinars from the 2004 Budget, for renewal of the Court complex in the Belgrade residential district Dedinje.

“For the first time funds are provided for the maintenance of the Beli Dvor Court, which should become Belgrade tourist attraction in the future”, Dinkic told a press conference. He added that of the planned 50 million Dinars, 30 had already been paid into the account of the Court.

“Owing to this decision, conditions are being created to begin the solving of the Court complex vital issues”, said the heir to the throne Prince Aleksandar II Karadjordjevic. The Prince expressed special gratitude to the members of the Government, whose efforts enabled this cultural heritage of our people to continue to exist.

“The Ministry of Culture and Media will do everything in its power to protect this complex, and to continuously and regularly raise funds for its maintenance.”

The planned 50 million Dinars will be used to fix the Court’s roof, to renovate its pipelines, and to adapt the entire Court complex.