24 salaries compensation for Federal Administration employees in exchange for leaving their jobs

Almost 2,000 of the 10,350 Federal Administration employees accepted the Government’s offer to receive financial compensation in the amount of 24 salaries for leaving voluntarily their positions. All employees working within Federal Administration bodies, organizations and ministries were given the right to this severance pay, elected public employees excepted.

Those who opted for this arrangement, a 6.000 Euros compensation will be paid only upon signing the contract and after the Federal Government votes the rebalancing of the Federal budget, thus providing the necessary funds.

According to Mr. Bozidar Djelic, Serbian Finance Minister – Approximately 4.000 of them will become employees at the level of the Republic, such as the Federal Customs Administration from the Federal Finance Ministry, which will become the Serbian Customs Administration within the Serbian Finance Ministry. There are also some other 2,500 people and some 1,000 additional, coming from the Federal Air Traffic Control Administration, which will also become Serbian, according to the actual draft.

The Foreign Currency Inspectorate, the Commission for Prevention of Money Laundering, and the Commission for Valuable Papers and Financial Market will also be brought down to the Republican level.