10, 5 Million Euros for the Serbian municipalities development

Within the framework of the Permanent cities and municipalities conference held today in the Sava congress center, Mr. Bozidar Djelic – Minister of finance and economy, and Mr. Adriano Martins – Head of the Operational Center of the European Agency for reconstruction in Serbia, formally signed the agreement on the creation of the Agency for the development of the local self-government infrastructure, providing for a 10.5 million euros donation aimed for the development of the municipalities and public communal companies throughout Serbia.

Addressing to the audience, Minister Djelic emphasized that the budget of the municipalities was multiplied by 3 or 4, and that this project represents the occasion for the municipalities to additionally improve their life conditions and standard.

This infrastructure development project is exclusively aimed to the municipalities of the Serbian province.

During the first semester of 2004, 10 municipalities shall be chosen among them, while the necessary conditions include the capabilities of these municipalities to participate to the realization with their own resources and their credit payment capability.

One of the major conditions is the inter-municipal cooperation, because these funds are essentially aimed for the following projects: water supply and sewerage systems, water filtering, waste collection and stocking, construction and maintenance of the local roads infrastructure, public transportation system and public heating system.

Among 130 municipalities representatives, Mr. Rory O’Sullivan – Director of the World bank mission in Serbia-Montenegro, and other potential donators interested in Serbian municipalities development, attained the formal Agreement signing ceremony and the presentation of the future Agency activities.